23 October 2006

Back 2 DP

Good but strange-ish vibrations, upon getting back to Draycott Place, which is now Giulietta's. Just over nine months ago, what I most certainly thought would be my last night here, and still it doesn't feel anywhere near as strange as it should, being back to my old stomping ground in this neverending city... it does feel good, though, and I've got a feeling Giulietta will also come to like it. Off to the cinema, now, honouring The London Film Festival and within it all that this exciting but tiring city has to offer!

08 October 2006

Scottish Full Moon

ottottobre, ma oggi a "casa" era ancora sole, ancora bici, ancora aria condizionata in macchina e pantaloni sudaticci... e ancora un tramonto roseo sopra le nuvole guardando a sx fuori dal finestrino, e ancora una luna piena guardando a dx... e adesso e' Edimburgo, cosy Mayfield Lodge, una cameretta con il tetto spiovente dalla cui finestra si vede l'onnipresente luna, un bollitore che sbuffa e una canzoncina a proposito di una certa ragzza in guerra con se stessa... it cannot get any better than that, that's evident, I only wonder what this much delayed winter has in store for us ... one way or another, it's going to be interesting alright!