24 May 2006

Travel Arrangements

Half-ironic Check-List/README for/to my upcoming whereabouts

- Arranging trip by car to Genova with Alessia & Marco for Saturday : "ALMOST DONE", that is they should know I plan to go along with them

- Maps to Claudia's wedding (afternoon) and party (night) for saturday : PRINTED

- Booking at the Astor Hotel in Nervi (Genova) for Saturday night : DONE

- Picking up charter flight voucher (Sun-Sun) at travel agency : DONE

- "Booking" @ Renato's place in Milan on Sunday night to account for charter flight having been postponed to monday : DONE

- Picking up NEW charter flight voucher (Mon-Mon) : TOMORROW MORNING

- Car rental booking in Crete : NOT REALLY DONE, but since I'm landing late-ish and all "proper" car rental companies will be shut I've got a mobile number of the owner of a remarkably cheap "independent" car rental company. Cross your fingers...

- Booking at the Ormos hotel in Agios Nikolaoa : TAKEN CARE OF BY THE CONFERENCE FOLKS! Not that they sounded that efficient, though...

- Flights Venezia --> Los Angeles (return) : EXPEDIA.IT

- Car Rental Booking at LAX : carrentalexpress.com

- Booking somewhere in Pasadena : damn, I forgot, but what was I thinking??? ... ... Ok, DONE, the Best Western Colorado Inn of Pasadena waits for me, thanks to book.bestwerstern.com

- Flights Los Angeles --> Kahului (Maui - Hawaii) --> Honolulu (Oahu - Hawaii) --> Los Angeles : AA.COM

- Car Rental & Maui Oceanfront Inn in Kihei/Wailea (Maui - Hawaii) booking : HAWAIIVISITORCENTER.COM

- "Booking" @ Luca's place in Honolulu (Oahu - Hawaii) for a week, including !!! 4th of July !!! : DONE

Weee, it's about midnight, I gotta get going, just a little men's talk with Sergio over skype and I'm off! Night, night...
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