19 November 2008

hellenic & magyar trivia

back to padova from too short a trip to two glorious cities of old... first paying homage to m&s (markos & sophia, shining examples of an ever more numerous anglo-hellenic london tribe) exchanging their vows in colorful Thessaloniki over the weekend and then staying with p&p (paolo & petra, for the padova tramezzini freaks who might oherwise interpret, arid salento meets majestic duna) in gothic budapest on the way back. throughout the trip, my thoughts uneasily drift back to the increasingly exposed wounds of my beloved home country caught in a "remorseless decline", afraid to lose recently acquired wealth and privileges but even more afraid to do something about it. deep within the wednesday night drinking scene in the "piazze", one is strangely reminded of obama's "democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope" and just how unlikely such an announcement would sound over here, how our better selves should be ashamed... if only we still bothered with shame, that is...
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