06 January 2007

Things We'd Blog About If Only We Had Some (MORE) Time To Waste

It's about two days now I'm lost in the nightmare of my beloved country incumbent phone operator (Telecom Italia) amusingly called "Customer Support", and I'm now resorting to good old dial-up not to report on my odissey but rather to point naive foreigners (but hopefully also the more open-minded onew between my fellow Italians) to similar "unsuccess stories", such as this one. Bottom line is, monopolistic wrongdoing is alive and kicking and Telecom Italia is its prophet, and the sooner we manage to spread the word and thus deprive Telecom Italia of a fair fraction of its faithful customer base the better will be for "king customer"... right, and now who shall I ring for some broad-band on this sleepy saturday afternoon!? Damn...
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