24 May 2006

Summer's Here!?

For the benefit of my Greek readership
"Italiani, Greci : una faza, una raza"
or whatever!;-)

Frantic preparation towards next week's conference in Crete, with M$ PowerPoint about to be thrashed after variously misbehavinbg while preparing my poster over the last available hour or two, concerted efforts to rent a car to get to the other side of the damn island and thus get over the 50 euro (one-way) taxi fare (but the ting now is, will it be a flashy Fiat New Panda, a solid Daewoo Matiz or a fancy Open-top Renault Twingo?;-), Claudia's "seaside" wedding to go to on Saturday, a charter flight postponed to monday so that all my efforts to attend the whole conference will have been wasted, and various complaining along the way. Summer is supposed to be nearly here, but admittedly not later than this morning it's been pouring on Padova... well, may the Sun Gods be with me, at least 30 minutes from now, since I'm going to the tennis club!;-)

Oh, and did I mention "Italiani, Greci : una faza, una raza"?;-) Speaking of which, Markos, pick me up at the airport, will you!?;-)

!!! To the Conference !!!

Studying Galaxy Evolution with Spitzer and Herschel

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